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MonkeySpace Talk Slides and Notes

I delivered my first conference talk at MonkeySpace yesterday. The video will be available at some point, but in the meantime, here are the slides and some notes to help make sense of them.


Mono is a potentially attractive option for organizations that are already using ASP.NET because IIS is a pain to configure and Windows licenses can get really expensive.

Many libraries indicate that they support Mono, but there is little information about using it for web sites and services beyond basic, “getting started” tutorials. I’m trying to document and publish my experiments as I go along to help others who might be trying this and in the hope that more people will start documenting their experiences, too.

The major snags I encountered were:

I worked around all of these issues and even built my own version of the New Relic Profiler (linked below). In testing a simple service, I encountered very inconsistent performance that was quite sensitive to GC pauses.

There was a period of about seven minutes during which the performance of the Mono version of the service was as good as—or better than—its Windows counterpart, so I plan to continue investigating. These are some initial areas I intend to look into:

Image Credits

Several of the images that I used were licensed under Creative Commons. Here are links to their original locations:

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